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Thoughts On: Berlin Gallery Weekend (Part Four: Pamela Rosenkranz)

Pamela Rosenkranz

She Has No Mouth at Sprüth Magers, Oranienburger Strasse 18, Berlin
She Has No Mouth by the Swiss Contemporary Artist Pamela Rosenkranz, was somewhere in the region of the fifth or sixth show I visited on Saturday 29th. She Has No Mouth is showing at Sprüth Magers in the heart of Mitte, where there is a wealth of galleries competing for your attention. The title of the show alludes to the Japanese toy phenomenon Hello Kitty (who is not a cat, but a girl wearing a cat mask). Rosenkranz is making a particular nod to the fact that Hello Kitty was designed with no mouth so that the consumer could “project their own emotions” on to her.
Rosenkranz’s work looks at how various environmental factors have contributed our evolutionary development. She extrapolates on this topic in two ways: first by examining how the fashion and advertising industries have tapped into our biological responses and reactions in order to develop and sell their products; secondly, by flipping these …

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